WE2017 Best of Show , "El Ultimo Tercio en Rocroi 1643" by Juan Avilla, I.Esteban & Albert Gros Mascarilla.

"Atonement" sculpted by Michael Kontraros painted by Kyriakos Simos

"Give Them The Cold Steel Boys" 54mm scratchbuild diorama representing the battle of Gettysburg when General Arnistead and his Virginians made their epic charge to the Union lines at the High Water Mark (July 3rd 1863).by Christos Panagiotopoulos

Hush 1\6 scale bust painted by Kirill Kanaev

Crimson fists 1st company captain sculpted & painted by Kirill Kanaev

"Apocalypse" By Michael Kontraros & Michał Pisarski

"The death of Major Pierson" Gustavo Gil Campos και Antonio Zapatero Euromilitaire 2015.

This diorama, created by model maker Jamie Pye, depicts the four Douglas World Cruisers at a refueling stop in Seward, Alaska, during their 1924 round-the-world flight.

" La Toma de Pensacola " by : Alegres Turlurones

The "Tie Fighter" work: Fine Molds 1/72. by Diego Quijano.

La conquista de Buda.Gustavo Gil Campos

"Lone Star" 1st Texas at Antietam, the "cornfield battle" 54mm scratch,Christos Panagiotopoulos